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Every Texan deserves a voice in the State Capitol. As a volunteer state organizer, I advocated for the safety of Texas families, and as your State Representative, I will continue to fight for the issues that most affect our community.



​Texas public schools serve our most valuable resource - our children. I will always prioritize the best interests of Texas students and educators.

I SUPPORT  ensuring that our public schools are fully staffed with school counselors to address students' mental health needs.

I SUPPORT  our Public School educators receiving both the pension they earned through the state, and the social security that they contributed to through the federal government. 

I OPPOSE  penalizing Public School students for low performance on state-mandated tests. Student promotion should not be dependent on STAAR test performance, and those who do not perform well on the STAAR test should be provided with additional resources to help them excel to the best of their abilities.

I OPPOSE  recapture (Robinhood) tax dollars being used to reduce the state's responsibility in funding public education.



Healthy Texans are the key to a robust and productive economy, a strong educational system, and an engaged community.

I SUPPORT opting in to the Medicaid expansion. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the nation, and we are missing out on the opportunity to ensure healthcare access for an additional 1.1 million Texans and reduce the gap in funding for uncompensated care with the Medicaid expansion programs. Hardworking Texans pay federal income taxes, funding the program, but do not benefit from it. Instead, our tax dollars are being disbursed to the 36 states that have opted in.  

I OPPOSE  legislating further limitations on Texas women's reproductive rights, including prohibiting certain healthcare providers from accepting Medicaid payments.


I SUPPORT  fair property taxation for big business.  As Texas homeowners, we are all subject to taxation to support our state's public education, infrastructure, and public works. Our corporate neighbors should also pay their fair share to ensure that the tax burden does not fall inequitably on working families and seniors.

I SUPPORT  a property tax cap for Texas homeowners aged 62 and above. Many seniors opt to begin receiving Social Security benefits at 62, and budget for their fixed income. Property tax increases can create a significant burden for them and their families.

I OPPOSE  a consumption tax, which places an undue hardship on working families.



2021 is a pivotal year for the country in ensuring that every voter's voice is heard equally. In order for all Texans to be counted fairly, we need to end the partisan gerrymandering that has caused voter disenfranchisement.

I SUPPORT  redistricting fair and impartial State and Federal Districts to ensure that every Texans' voice is heard equally.

I OPPOSE  State and Federal Districts drawn to suppress voters due to race, ethnicity, or political affiliation

Gun Safety


As a Texas mom and a gun owner, I know that responsible ownership coupled with strong gun policy are key to a reduction in gun violence.

I SUPPORT  a background check on every gun sale, stronger Child Access Prevention Laws, a ban on the open carry of high-capacity magazines, a civil Extreme Risk Protection Order, and raising the minimum purchase age for all firearms and ammunition to 21 (excluding active-duty military and law enforcement). 

I OPPOSE  the permitless carry of handguns or long arms in public places, arming educators, and the private sale of firearms without a background check.

Protecting our Environment


From the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast to the Permian Basin, we are facing irreparable damage in exchange for short-term financial gain.

I SUPPORT  greater Texas Commission on Environmental Quality transparency and community input. While corporate development can create job opportunities for Texans, the environmental impact should always be carefully studied and those studies must be made available to the public. In cases where air, water, or land quality are negatively effected, Texas families must be given the opportunity to demand accountability from their corporate neighbors.

I OPPOSE  corporate Eminent Domain land seizures. Texans should always have a voice in the usage of their land. As the recent Kinder-Morgan Pipeline ruling illustrated, when a private entity chooses to exercise eminent domain, they can do so without public hearing or input from the communities and landowners affected. We need lawmakers who will ensure that private entities are held to the same standards.

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