Putting Texans First

As a middle-class working Texas mom, Becca Moyer DeFelice believes that it's time for the Texas Legislature to prioritize the issues that are impacting our families every day. 


As an advocate, she's proven she can deliver for our families through her work with State Senator Roland Gutierrez on SB 1380, a rural mental health bill, which passed in the legislature last session and her years of deep involvement with the community. 
With the 10th largest GDP globally, Texas’s failure to fully fund our children's education or to protect seniors from rising healthcare, housing, and tax costs is shameful.
It’s time to elect a leader who has proven that she will fight for us
and the future of our state.

Expanding Healthcare Access and Affordability for All Texans.

Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the nation - and those costs are passed on to Texans. Passing the Medicaid Expansion Act would put an estimated  $15.5B in federal funding into our healthcare systems annually - covering an additional 1.7 million low-income Texans, lowering premium costs for Texans who are already covered, resulting in fewer uninsured patient costs at local hospital districts, and lowering property taxes for local homeowners. 


Prescription drug costs have risen steadily, with many Texan families struggling to afford the life-saving medication that they need. A Prescription Drug Advisory Board would allow the state to cap prescription drug prices for Texans, protecting our families’ financial security and keeping us all healthier.

Protecting Access to Reproductive Healthcare Services

Texas ranks 49th in the nation for women's healthcare access and quality. Over half the counties in Texas have no OB/GYN in residence and 35 counties have no physician at all. The legislature must prioritize restoring Medicaid funding to all reproductive healthcare providers so that every Texan has access to the full range of reproductive healthcare, from contraception to postpartum care.


The 88th Legislature must repeal SB 8, the 6-week abortion ban, and SB 9, the trigger law that would ban nearly all abortion in Texas if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Every Texan has the right to decide how, if, and when they expand their families.

Public Education Funding Reform & Lowering Property Taxes

As the mom of a public school student and a homeowner, I understand the frustrations we have with the broken Property Tax system. Recapture, also known as Robinhood, tax dollars are meant to create equity in public education and to fulfill Texas students' constitutional right to free, quality education. However, the state has used rising property values and increased property tax revenue to supplant their own responsibility and it's time for this practice to end. The state must pay its fair share and reduce the burden on individual property owners.

Public School Safety for Students and Teachers

Health and physical safety for our school communities should be a priority for the legislature. As our public school communities continue to face COVID-19-related teacher shortages, student absences, and a lack of guidance from the state, it is clear that we need defined protocols in the case of public health risks for our public education community. 

Public health isn't the only risk our kids face in school - it’s time for a statewide safe firearms storage program for our school communities and a defined protocol for ISDs to work with local law enforcement in the investigation of credible threats of violence. Our teachers and students deserve safe classrooms.